Copywriting Stories Not Hype When Writing Your Sales Copy

It was a chicken running around screaming, “the sky is falling!”, when hit on the head by a falling nut.

And remember the boy calling over “Wolf!” over and over.

Instantly getting all the men in town dropping what they are doing.  Then grab their gun or pitch-fork as they run towards the boy.

When the boy saw the men running towards him he laughed at the men, running after nothing. Even a cold scolding didn’t stop the boy from making the men come running a second time as quick as the first.  Fun entertainment.

Then on the boy’s third cry. “Help! It’s a Real Wolf!” Rang silent alarms in ears.

The town-folk had heard it all before. Or the increased of pain in the cries for help  convinced anyone to go running to help the boy.

Fresh in their minds were sounds of laughter and looking like a fool, kept their feet locked to the ground.

It’s the same for copy. Your copywriting.

Hype all you want getting tons of sales.

It’s when your prospect receives your product. And it doesn’t live up to the high expectations your copywriting your sales copy hyped about. Your product in prospects mind turns instantly into junk.

Buyer remorse now becomes buyer got ripped off, suckered, embarrassed looking like a fool running after nothing.

Yes, the next time the seller lets you know they are selling something you’re going to stay far away. As will the other towns folk across the country.

Your goal writing copy isn’t – wham-bang-thank-you then galloping your  copywriting horse as fast as you can out-of-town.

Instead meet your prospect where they are at. Then taking them, leading them to a better place. Seeing how your product can help them in their job, life and leisure.

You want to help your prospect – simply because you want to sell to them a second, third or more times.

If you’ve hyped the product and it’s nothing near the prospect’s experiences, why would they want to buy again from you?

Instead you’re in their bad books.  Even if you have a fantastic next product with great copy-writing, this time your old prospects will stay away because of memories from the last time.

Instead you want your prospect to be pleased, happy they, listen to the word again – “they” got a great deal – you’re the Man in their eyes.

Meaning the next product you come out with or suggest they may not even read much of your copywriting but  just jump and grab your product, knowing what you say it what they get.

Till next time… keep pushing your copywriting

Jim MacDonald

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